Joanne might be the sweetest client I have ever worked with. This girl has such a beautiful heart, and she was so refreshing to be around. I had such a fun, yet chill time with these two during their engagement session, and really got to know them as a pair.

Having an engagement session is so rewarding for me as a photographer because I get to get to know the couple better before their big day. Another great reason to have an engagement session is that it gives the couple a chance to get more comfortable with me and being in front of the camera, and I’ve found it helps the wedding day to go much smoother as they are able to relax and be themselves.
MUAH: Joanne St. Onge Salon

Darrell is a professional snowboarder, and Margaret an interior designer. These two are so down to earth. We could have escaped the rain during this session, but instead we decided to embrace it which I think it made for an even more memorable day out at the Oregon coast.